Q&A art-03

Q What is the minimum length of stay?

A The minimum stay is generally 7 days.
However, we can offer exactly the same daily rental service as hotels.

Q Can I extend my stay?

A Yes, it is possible to extend the period of your stay.
However, it depends on the vacant room situation of the accommodations.
As, depending on vacancy, the room might be changed or you will have to move to another serviced apartment.
Please inquire about the extension of your stay in advance.

Q May I stay for one week or 10 days?

A Yes, a weekly stay (7 nights 8 days) is possible.
You can also easily extend by one-day stay for short stay terms. Please, feel free to ask.

Q Do you have early check-out fee?

A We do not charge any fees in case of early check-outs.
Still, we may charge a penalty payment if the rom or facilities are badly damaged.

Q What is the Cleaning Fee?

A  The Cleaning Fee covers the expense of restoring the property to its original state after you move out.
It is included in your initial payment before the move-in (from ¥17,280 to ¥29,700).

Q Can my friend stay overnight in my room?

A  Yes, it is possible, but you will be charged 1,000 yen per night for an extra person. Also for additional fee, we can offer you a futon.
*If it becomes clear that somebody stayed in your room without any notification, we will charge you a penalty.

Q May I send my luggage to the apartments in advance?

A  Unfortunately, because there is no reception in the serviced apartments we cannot get and keep the luggage for you.

Q Do you provide parking space?

A There is no parking lot for guests.

Q Do you allow pets in the apartments?

A  Unfortunately, we have a no pets policy in our serviced apartments.